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Andy McElhinney

Marketing Compliance Manager

Andy McElhinney

Marketing Compliance Manager

How did you hear about the wonders of Zuto and when did you join the party?

I was looking for a role within Compliance and had seen an advert, I did some research into the company and I liked what I saw. I was delighted to be offered a position and joined 29th June 2015.

How do you contribute to help customers make better big decision?
I review and evaluate processes and practices within the business to ensure customers are treated fairly. Example – communications to customers are reviewed to ensure they are fair, clear and not misleading.

What’s your typical day like in Zutopia?

It sounds like an old cliché, but no two days are the same. I spend three days in Manchester and two in our Macclesfield office. Due to this it creates variety and diversity for my role.

Tell us the best bit about life at Zuto?

It’s simply a good place to be, the Senior Leadership continue to strive and endeavour to achieve a culture to ensure you have an enjoyable working day.

How much do you love your fellow Zutonites?

I can honestly say I have not found any of the Zutonites to be anything other than polite, friendly and helpful when required.

What three words describe Zuto?

Dynamic, energetic, and professional.

When you’re not loving life at Zuto, what can you be found doing?

Go running twice a week and socialising with friends and family.

Finally who would you like to hear from next? Nominate the next Zutonite:

Mel White – Head of Dealer Strategy. Mel the questions are on their way to you. Watch this space to met Mel.


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